Amenity Policies

Aquatics Area:

We have adopted policies for our indoor aquatics area ("pool" or "aquatics" area) for your safety and enjoyment. These policies supplement any posted rules and regulations. You must follow all policies, rules, regulations, and directives at all times, whether they are written, posted, or orally delivered by an Elite Performance Center Team Member. Failure to do so may result in your removal from the pool area or suspension or termination of guest privileges or membership.

General Rules

  • No children under the age of 12 are permitted in the aquatics area without an Elite Performance Center Trainer/Instructor
  • An adult must accompany children ages 12-15 in the aquatics area
  • Adults should not swim alone.
  • Breath holding games or long underwater swims are not allowed.
  • A full body soap and water shower is required prior to pool entry. All oils and lotions must be showered off.
  • Proper swim attire is required in the aquatics area 
  • A t-shirt and shorts (or cover-up) and shoes must be worn when exiting the locker room and/or aquatics area to go to other areas of the club.
  • Running, wrestling, or other rough play is not allowed.
  • Inappropriate language or behavior is not allowed.
  • Elite Performance Center Team Members must always be obeyed. Failure to comply with pool rules, whether written or verbal, may result in removal from the aquatic area and/or suspension or revocation of membership.
  • Glass containers are prohibited in and around the Aquatics Center.

Lap Pool, Whirlpool, and Cold Plunge Pool:

  • The lap pool, whirlpool, and cold plunge pool are for ages 12 and older.
  • Please offer to share a lane with a waiting member when the pool is busy.

Please consult the posted rules at your club in addition to the online listing of rules. Posted rules and team member instructions must always be obeyed.

Child Center:

We have designed the following Child Center policies to provide a healthy and secure environment for all children. Our Child Center is not licensed, nor equipped to provide one-on-one care for children of any age. Children requiring one-on-one care may have a licensed personal care assistant (PCA). We may limit use of the Child Center at our discretion, including designated play spaces. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend Child Center/Kids Academy privileges for failure to follow these policies or other directives or instructions from our Team Members.

  • Use of Child Center/Kids Academy. May be used only by junior members and guests from 3 months to 11 years of age. 2 hours of care is available for infants 3-11 months and toddlers that aren’t confidently walking. 2.5 hours for children 1 (must be confidently walking) -11 years.
  • Junior members may only use the Child Center if they have been added to the membership of a parent or legal guardian or, upon execution of the proper agreement, a grandparent, nanny, or au pair ("parent" or "you"). If a child has been added to the membership either the legal guardian or authorized adult can check the child in and out of the Child Center. Children guests can be checked in by their legal parent or guardian with a photo identification. To check a child out of the Child Center, an Elite Performance Center membership ID or government-issued photo identification card is required. The parent must always remain in the center while the child is checked in to our care. If the Child Center has reached maximum occupancy, you must wait for space to check-in your child. The last check-in occurs 15 minutes prior to closing.
    • Infant Space. Infants older than three months but younger than one (1) year and not yet confidently walking may use the infant space. Due to high demand for the infant room, you must make a reservation by contacting the Child Center up to 48 hours in advance. You must cancel any reservation at least 2 hours in advance.
    • Main Room. Children 1 year of age and confidently walking must remain in the main room. You may request, upon check-in, that your younger children remain in the main/toddler room.
  • Late Pickup or Unused Infant Room Reservations. If you pick up your child from the Child Center later than the time permitted for use or fail to timely cancel an infant room reservation you do not use, we will, after the third time, suspend your Child Center or infant room privileges for two weeks.
  • Security. For safety reasons, a parent may stay behind the gates in the Child Center for no more than 10 minutes. You may not take any photographs or video in any Kids areas without permission. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items from cubbies or other Child Center areas without permission.
  • Behavior. To address behavioral issues, we will implement activity redirection. We will page/call/notify parents if a crying child cannot be comforted within 10 minutes or if their child is displaying behavior issues. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend Child Center privileges for any child who exhibits unsafe or inappropriate behavior.
  • Clothing and Diapers. Children must be completely covered on top and bottom, including shorts, pants, tights or other covering over diapers, underwear, or swimsuit bottoms. Children must wear socks and/or shoes; bare feet are not allowed. Wheels on shoes must be removed prior to entry. Parents are responsible and will be paged to change their own child's wet or soiled diaper.
  • Food and Drink. You may bring into the Child Center a labeled "sippy" cup with water only or, for an infant, a bottle with milk or premixed with formula clearly labeled with your child's name. We will not mix formula for bottles. You may not bring into the Child Center any juice, milk, soda, snacks, candy, gum, or other food from home or Elite Performance Center.
  • Toys and Electronic Devices. You may not bring into the Child Center/Kids Academy any toys or electronic/mobile devices.
  • Sick Children. To maintain a sanitary and healthy environment, we may exclude, or require that you remove, from the Child Center any child we deem, in our sole discretion, to be a sick child. If a child becomes sick while in the Child Center, you must immediately remove the child, whom we will endeavor to isolate until you check the child out. If your child does not attend day care, preschool or school due to sickness or illness, your child may not use our Child Center. We may require a physician's verification of wellness before a sick child returns to the Child Center. We reserve the right to determine whether a child is sufficiently sick to be excluded or removed from the Child Center, but a child who exhibits one or more of the following symptoms is subject to exclusion or removal:
    • A child with a reportable illness or condition that a physician determines has not had sufficient treatment to reduce risk to others.
    • A child with chickenpox, until it is no longer infectious and the lesions are crusted over.
    • A child who has vomited or had any abnormally loose stool within the prior 24 hours.
    • A child who has had contagious conjunctivitis (pink eye) or pus draining from the eye.
    • A child with a bacterial infection, such as strep throat or impetigo, who has not yet completed 24 hours of antimicrobial therapy.
    • A child whose nose must be wiped more than three time
    • s or is otherwise profusely runny, with either green or clear mucus.
    • A child with unexplained lethargy.
    • A child with untreated and/or contagious lice, ringworm, or scabies.
    • A child with a temperature of 99 degrees axially or higher.
    • A child with an undiagnosed rash or a rash attributable to a contagious illness or condition.
    • A child with significant respiratory distress (a bad cough).
    • A child who is not able to participate in Child Center activities in reasonable comfort.
    • A child who requires more care than our staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children.
      • The above may not be a complete list and is subject to addition or change without notice and at our sole discretion.


Workout Floor:

  • Age Limit. You must be at least 12 years old to enter and use the workout floor. 11-year-olds may use the workout floor if supervised by their parents or legal guardian.
  • Equipment. You must follow all safety procedures for equipment use, including but not limited to, using safety clips or stops on mechanical equipment and refraining from dropping free weights outside of the half rack space. If you have any questions about equipment use, please see an Elite Performance personal trainer to familiarize yourself with its use.
    • Equipment Reservation. You may not reserve equipment for your personal use, such as a towel, sign or note unless otherwise permitted (such as immediately prior to a scheduled Group Fitness class). You must honor all signs on equipment, including notices that the equipment has been reserved (e.g., for group or class use) or is out of service for maintenance.
    • Equipment in Disrepair. If you notice that any equipment is in disrepair, do not use it. Please report it immediately to an Elite Performance Center Team Member. We are not responsible for injuries sustained while using equipment, even in the event of equipment failure, malfunction, or disrepair.
  • Personal Items. Unless otherwise permitted (e.g., water bottles), you may not bring or set clothing, food, laptops, or other items on the equipment or workout floor except for small cinch-type bags 12" X 16" or smaller.
  • Workout Floor Etiquette. 
    • Please turn off, return, or replace equipment to its original condition and location when you are not using it, even temporarily.
    • Please wipe down equipment with sanitary wipes before and after use.
    • Considerate use of chalk is permitted on our weightlifting half racks only. Please clean any chalk from equipment after use.
    • Out of consideration for other members, avoid talking on cell phones on the Workout Floor or free weight areas.
    • While resting or using your cell phone for non-voice activities between sets, please allow other members to work in.



We require that you respect all basketball equipment and facilities, including balls, nets, hoops, and backboards. You may not engage in any rough play, excessive arguments, or profanity. Please carefully observe your surroundings, including any permanent or temporary structures. Unless otherwise permitted (e.g., water bottles), you may not bring or set bags, clothing, cell phones, food, or other items in the basketball court. No juniors (children under 12) may sit at the edge of the gymnasium. If you fail to follow these rules, you may be required to leave the basketball court or the center and/or your membership or guest privileges may be suspended or terminated.

  • Basketball. During open court time, only members and their guests may play pick-up basketball; organized team practices are not allowed. 
    • Game Play. Games are first come, first play. Winners stay on the court. Call your own fouls. No dunking. If fewer than five players are waiting when a game ends, the losing Team Members shoot from the top of the key for the remaining spots in next game. If more than five players are waiting when a game ends, you must sign up to play on the court sign-up sheet; the next five listed players who are present at courtside form the next team. If you are absent, you are skipped until the next game. If you choose not to play, your name moves to the bottom of the list.
    • Game Scoring. Players on the court keep score. Games are played to 11 points, win by two, stop at 15. Two pointers are worth one point; three pointers are worth two points. If clock play is permitted, the game clock will run for eleven minutes, beginning when the game starts. The first team to score 11 points or, if no team scores 11, the team ahead after eleven minutes wins. The clock will stop for an injury, but not an argument.

Turf & Speed Track:

  • Clear liquids only. No food or gum. No spitting.
  • No football tees.
  • No bats or clubs.
  • Shirts must always be worn.
  • Molded cleats only. No spiked cleats.
  • No high kicking toward the lights and ceiling.
  • No kicking or throwing toward the mats, walls, or curtains.
  • Children under the age of 12 must always be supervised by an adult.
  • Elite Performance Center may reserve the turf area for rentals.
  • Violation of rules may result in membership suspension or termination.
  • Use of any type of athletic equipment including balls must be supervised by an Elite Performance Center Team Member

Personal Training:

  • Services. Our personal training services include instruction, coaching, advice, lessons, or demonstration concerning physical exercise, physical fitness, exercise strategies, nutrition, wellness, fitness products, fitness equipment, and other fitness-related activities by personal trainers, nutrition coaches, teaching pros, or other instructors ("personal training"). Personal training services are available to members, typically for a fee per session, upon completion of a Performance Specialist Program Agreement.
  • No Personal Training by Members or Guests. You may not solicit or conduct on the premises any personal training as defined above, with or without compensation. Elite Performance Center retains sole discretion to determine whether a member or guest is engaged in personal training.

Group Fitness:

  • Class Reservations. Please utilize the Elite Performance Center App to make class reservations. You must be in class 5 minutes prior to class start time to keep your reservation.
  • Group Fitness Studio Equipment. Please do not remove any equipment from the group fitness studio for use in other areas in the club. Please ensure that all equipment is replaced in a clean and orderly manner upon conclusion of use.
  • Space Utilization. Free use of the space encouraged WHILE CLASS IS NOT IN SESSION. While there is class in session, refrain from using the group fitness studio for individual use. Utilization of stereo and electronic equipment is strictly prohibited.